Save the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre at MUNL!

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Save the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre at MUNL!

It's time to tell @memorialU and @GovNL decision makers that we are concerned about the consequences that of the SWCC losing accreditation. Send your email now here:

With the recent announcements regarding the risk of Memorial's Student Wellness & Counselling Centre (SWCC) at a high risk for losing its accreditation, we urge everyone to voice their concerns by emailing decision makers of Memorial and GovNL to prioritize ensuring there are appropriate counseling faculty services offered.

The SWCC provides vital services to maintain the health and wellness of its students. It also plays a crucial role in securing future healthcare workers through its residency program for those completing their PsyD.

If accreditation is lost, an increased strain will be placed on the services offered by the SWCC. Students already have long wait times and appointment caps which would be exasperated if accreditation is lost. The future of healthcare within our province will also be impacted as these students will be forced to avail of off-campus supports, and the SWCC's ability to offer the  Doctoral Residency in Professional Psychology program would be jeopardized, resulting in less people being educated as psychologists for our province. 

We urge everyone to let decision makers of Memorial and GovNL to speak up about this important issue. Let them know we need to support the Counseling Faculty at Memorial's SWCC as it benefits everyone. Send them an email to let them know how you feel by clicking here:

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