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Canadian Federation of Students Newfoundland and Labrador

With more than 25,000 members at 5 students’ unions in Newfoundland and Labrador and over 500,000 members at 64 students’ unions across Canada, the Canadian Federation of Students is the voice of post-secondary education in the country.

Our Federation represents domestic and international students at the college, undergraduate and graduate levels, including full- and part-time students.

Executive & Staff

Derek Semeard


Mary Feltham

Campaigns Coordinator

Mehzabin Chowdury


Draco Dunphy

Indigenous Students’ Representative

Fahian Ahmed

Racialized Students’ Representative

Antonia Francis

Students with Disabilities’ Representative

Nicole Obiodiaka

Black Students Representative

Mackenzie Broders

Trans Students Representative

Fahmida Ahmed

Womens & Marginalized Genders Representative

Isabel Ojeda

Research and Membership Outreach Coordinator

Alex Wicks

NL Organizer

Targiv Roham

International Students’ Representative

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